We understand the importance of maintaining the integrity of a sample, and that this cannot be compromised, whatever the temperature constraints.

Biopharma Group offers a comprehensive range of cryopreservation storage equipment and solutions produced to the rigorous standards of ISO13485, whether you require small volume storage for research studies or large repository stainless steel freezers. Our state-of-the-art controllers enable your samples to be kept under the safest storage conditions with autofill and level/temperature alarm features. With our latest range of high-capacity freezers that are automation-ready with enhanced security features to protect your valuable samples.

Our dedicated product specialists in cryopreservation storage equipment solutions, can help you select from a wide range of cryogenic preservation storage vessels, LN2 dewars and accessories to cover the smallest sample volume, up to 94,000 samples, allowing you to keep your samples in the safest possible environment.

With over 30 years of expertise in critical temperature processing and products, Biopharma Group is the ideal partner to find the best storage solutions for the life sciences and pharmaceutical industries.

Biopharma Group

Biopharma Group has dedicated divisions covering the UK, France, Ireland, and USA. We meet the needs of our customers'​ projects appropriate to the size and stage by augmenting their in-house expertise whether to buy equipment, a single cycle run/ analysis or a full formulation development programme.

Capital Equipment Sales & Service: www.biopharma.co.uk
Established in 1989, this division is a leading supplier of equipment to pharmaceutical, biotech & process industries, specialising in freeze drying & associated technologies from freeze dryers, solvent evaporation systems & aseptic fill-finish processing lines to cryopreservation storage solutions & airflow lab equipment.

The key to our success, is many years of expertise in the processing industries plus in-depth knowledge of the equipment we supply. Additionally, we have an experienced technical service department enabling us to support the working life of your equipment.

CDMO Services: www.biopharmagroupcdmo.com
Biopharma Group has over 30 years of practical experience in freeze drying, spray drying & liquid formulations, with highly experienced teams dedicated to R&D, production and engineering services. We have successfully completed over 5000 projects, working on a wide range of products including small molecules and APIs, biopharmaceuticals, proteins, therapeutic delivery systems, diagnostics, whole organisms, cells and bacteria, vaccines, antibodies, blood components and food to name a few.

Biopharma Group is your strategic CDMO choice with services able to be categorised in to three key areas:
1. Contract R&D
2. Contract manufacturing (non-GMP & GMP), both liquid and lyo
3. Consultancy & lyo training courses

Biopharma Technologies France (BTF) offers a combined proposition of equipment sales of Biopharma Group with the addition of dissolution & absorption solution from Pion Scientific plus the CDMO services expertise giving our French-speaking clients a full end-to-end solution. www.biopharmatech.fr