About Biopharma Group

Biopharma Group has several brand divisions, with its head office based in the UK. It is dedicated to providing its clients with the highest possible standard of service, support and products. The aim of the Group is to meet the precise needs of our customers' projects appropriate to the size and stage of the project; from purchasing capital equipment through to R&D consultancy, full cycle development or training courses, our philosophy is to augment our customers in-house expertise and work together to make each project a success.

Equipment Sales & Service: This division is a leading supplier of equipment to pharmaceutical, biotech & process industries in the UK, Ireland & France due to many years of expertise in the processing industries plus in-depth knowledge of the equipment we supply. Biopharma Group specialises in freeze drying & associated processing technologies from centrifugal solvent evaporators & volumetric powder fillers to microbiological safety cabinets and aseptic processing lines including the SP i-Dositecno range of liquid fill & finish solutions.

Analytical R&D Consultancy & Lyo Lab Services: Biopharma Groups R&D consultancy & lab analysis division was formed to provide unbiased contract research, analysis & development services, training and analytical instrumentation internationally. We offer uniquely comprehensive services & training courses (scheduled, customised & webinars) covering all aspects of freeze drying technology from pre-formulation through to production/ post-production dried product analysis and remain at the forefront of analytical instrumentation development, having launched the Lyostat5, Lyotherm3 & most recently, MicroPress.

Biopharma Technologies France (BTF) offers a combined proposition of equipment sales plus the expertise of the R&D consultancy division giving our French-speaking clients a one-stop option. Biopharma Technology LLC (USA) concentrates on providing analytical instruments, lab services and training courses whilst BPS Crowthorne in Ireland combines the expertise offered by Biopharma Group with that of Crowthorne Group, the UK’s largest cleanroom validation service providers.